WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? Financial advisers failing customers on ethical and responsible investment says YouGov poll for Good Money Week

UKSIF11th October 2017

A clear majority of the public want their money to do good- only 39% of UK investors are only concerned about whether their investment make money, 47% want to both make money and make a positive difference to the world*.

High demand for ethical and sustainable investment – 57% of UK public with a pension believe investment managers have a responsibility to ensure holdings are managed in a way that is positive for society and the environment.

But savers feel disempowered by the industry – 76% of GB public don’t know how much of their pension is invested ethically and 30% believe they have “no say” in how their assets are invested. 

1 in 4 with a workplace pension would challenge their employer if they disagreed with how their workplace pension was invested.

Fossil fuel free generation gap: 57% of investors under 24 want to see fossil fuel free fund options from financial advisers, but only 34% of over 45s do. Demand for fossil fuel free funds is rising – 40% want a fossil fuel free option, up from 35% last year and 32% in 2015

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