UKSIF joins with global partners to demand green action from G20

UKSIF1st April 2009

UKSIF, the sustainable investment and finance association, has joined with its sister organisations across the globe to send a message to world leaders meeting in London tomorrow to address the global financial and economic crisis.

In their statement “Transforming global capital markets”, the six-strong network of global sustainable and responsible finance organisations says:

“The current economic crisis affords a unique opportunity and imperative to transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient and socially sustainable economy.

As the umbrella organizations for the sustainable and responsible finance industry worldwide, we call on world leaders to respond to this challenge by incorporating sustainability and social responsibility measures into both the economic stimulus packages for short-term recovery and the longer-term reform of the credit and investment markets.”

The statement outlines the measures proposed. These include (a) financial instruments and incentives to building the green economy using private investment alongside direct government support and (b) financial reform measures to require greater transparency and facilitate responsible ownership.

Click here to read the full press release.

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