ShareAction – Trustee

Neera Shah
Neera Shah30th September 2022

Background and Role Purpose

ShareAction is widely recognised as a thought leader in the field of responsible investment (RI). The organisation’s mission is to define the highest standards for responsible investment and to drive change until those standards are adopted worldwide.

We are looking to appoint new trustees to support ShareAction in realising an ambitious new strategy. Trustees have ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation, as outlined in our Articles of Association, ensuring it delivers its charitable objectives, is financially sound and legally compliant.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about ShareAction’s mission and will help us achieve even greater impact around the world.

Time Commitment

Trustees will be expected to be committed and engaged, devoting, on average, a minimum of 1-2 days per month, spread across different activities and requirements. More details available in the Recruitment Pack.

Recruitment Pack

For more information on the role and the organisation, you can download the Recruitment Pack at the link below.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attending regular meetings of the Board and its sub-committees (where appointed)
  • Contributing actively to the Board’s collective role in setting ShareAction’s strategic direction in line with its charitable objectives, setting policies, and evaluating the executive team’s performance against agreed targets
  • Ensuring that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and all other relevant legislation and regulations
  • Ensuring that management and administration are undertaken responsibly
  • Ensuring that the organisation uses its resources well and exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objects
  • Acting in the best interests of ShareAction while exercising independent judgement
  • Safeguarding and protecting charity assets (investments, cash, intellectual property, staff and reputation) and ensuring the charity’s financial stability
  • Acting as an ambassador for ShareAction and using networks to promote its work and, where appropriate, to seek funding
  • Assessing and scrutinising Board papers and contributing to the work of sub-committees

Knowledge, skills and experience


  • Experience relevant to the mission of ShareAction and a willingness to champion its values


  • Firm and well-evidenced commitment to the aims and work of ShareAction
  • Collaborative and emotionally intelligent
  • Ability to work as part of a team, in a culture of learning and change
  • Willingness to support, directly or indirectly, ShareAction’s fundraising and other income generation activities
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Assertive, willing to speak their mind and exercise exercise independent judgment
  • Understanding, or willing to learn about, the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • Willingness to support ShareAction’s executives and staff in their work as appropriate
  • Not be disqualified from being a trustee
  • Ability to make the time commitment to perform the functions of the role

Trustee role: