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Policy Positions

Our policy positions form the basis of our lobbying and public policy work.  They are prepared in consultation with members while staying true to our core operating values, and updated regularly to keep in line with the latest industry and political developments.

Policy priorities for 2015 – 2018

We want to see laws, regulation, fiscal measures, voluntary standards, skills requirements, guidance and cultural norms that support sustainable development and a long-term responsible approach to wealth creation and management, aligning investment and financial profitability with social and environmental sustainability.

With this in mind, our core policy priorities are:

  • Long-termism, ESG, Stewardship, Outcomes

We seek to address regulatory issues affecting the SRI industry and the environment in which it operates. We favour market-based, pragmatic ways to boost responsible investment practices across the investment chain. This includes greater integration of long-term ESG factors into decision-making and reshaping capital markets to incentivise stewardship of assets and good outcomes.

  • Supporting values led investment

We work to ensure a policy environment that means both institutional and retail investors are able to reflect values in their investments. This is particularly important with pension freedoms and the move towards defined contribution pensions and includes ensuring adequate and consistent rules are in place for DC schemes. We advocate the creation of products and services that allow investors to easily invest in financial products in line with their views.

For our public policy approach to other issues, please see Responses and Representations.