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Further reading: Sustainable Capital Markets Library 2011

UKSIF’s Sustainable Capital Markets Library was created in 2010, to provide information for policymakers, academics and others who are interested in the changing nature of the capital markets both within the UK and elsewhere.

UKSIF is grateful to Aviva Investors for support in producing this resource.

For more information on UKSIF’s public policy work please contact us at publicpolicy@uksif.org.

Publication and Summaries

2011. Board Adoption and Oversight of Corporate Sustainability (BSR)

2011. EFAMA Report on Responsible Investment (EFAMA)

2011. Protecting Our Best Interests: Rediscovering Fiduciary Duty (FairPensions)

2011. Dilemmas in Responsible Investment (Louche, C. and Lydenberg, S.)

2011. Climate Change Scenarios – Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation (Mercer)

2011. Responsible Investment in Private Equity: A Guide for Limited Partners (PRI)

2011. Universal Ownership: Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors (PRI and UNEP-FI)

2011. Valuing Corporate Responsibility: How Do Investors Really Use Corporate Responsibility Information? (Sullivan, R)

2011. Sustainable Investing: Principles and Practices (Towers Watson)

2011. The Future of Long Term Investing (World Economic Forum)

2010. European SRI Study (Eurosif)

2010. High Net Worth Individuals & Sustainable Investment Study (Eurosif)

2010. Socially Responsible Investment in a Global Environment (Fung, H-G., Law, S., & Yau, J.)

2010. A Guide on Climate Change for Private Equity Investors (IIGCC)

2010. Stewardship Code Guidance for Investors (NAPF)

2010. Translating ESG into sustainable business value (UNEP-FI and WBCSD)

2010. The Climate Investment Funds – Business Guide (WBCSD)

2009. ESG in the Mainstream: The Role for Companies and Investors in Environmental, Social and Governance Integration (BSR)

2009. Why consider ESG factors? The case for ESG integration (Burnstein, K.)

2009. Beyond the Crisis: Policies to Foster Long-Termism in Financial Markets, 2nd Summit on the Future of the Corporation: Restoring Primacy of the Real Economy (p7-15) (Darr, R. and Samuelson, J.)

2009. Towards Bretton Woods II: Aligning a New Global Financial Architecture with Sustainable Development, 2nd Summit on the Future of the Corporation: Restoring Primacy of the Real Economy (p16-21) (Epstein, P.)

2009. Investment Consultants and Responsible Investment Study (Eurosif)

2009. Fiduciary Responsibility: Legal and practical aspects of integrating environmental, social and governance issues into institutional investments (UNEP-FI)

2009. Sustainable Investing Principles: Models for Institutional Investors ( Urwin,R. & Woods, C.)

2008. Environmental, Social and Governance: Moving to Mainstream Investing? (BSR)

2008. A Green New Deal: joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch credit crisis, climate change and high oil prices. (Green New Deal Group)

2008. Long-term and Sustainable Pension Investments. Zurich: Asset 4 (Hesse, A.)

2008. Comments on OECD Guidlines for Pension Fund Governance (Network for Sustainable Financial Markets)

2008. Defining moments: the pensions and investment industry of the future (Watson, W.)

2007. Pension Revolution: a solution to the pension crisis (New Jersey, John Wiley & Sons Inc) (Ambachtsheer, K. P.)

2007. The new mood among investors (Burgess, K.)

2007. Long-term investing: a proposal for how to define and implement long-term investing (Lyndenberg,S.)

2007. Guidence note for long-term investing (Marathon Club)

2007. Increasing long-term market returns: realising the potential of collective pension fund action (Corporate Governance, 15(3), 438-454) (Thamotheram, R. & Wildsmith, H.)

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2006. The universal owner’s role in sustainable economic development (In: Mackenzie, C. and Sullivan, R., eds. Responsible Investment. Greenleaf: New York. pp. 216-225) (Hawley, J.P. and Williams, A.T.)

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2006. The Social Responsibility of the Investment Profession (Hudson, J.)

2006. Delegating Shareholder Engagement: Holding Fund Managers to Account (Local Authority Pension Fund Forum)

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2006. Responsible Investment (Greenleaf: New York) (Mackenzie, C. & Sullivan, R.)

2005. Rewarding Virtue: effective board action on corporate responsibility (BITC, INSIGHT & FTSE)

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2005. A legal framework for the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance issues into institutional investment (Freshfield Report)

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2005. A Climate for Change: A trustee’s guide to understanding and addressing climate risk (IIGCC)

2004. Myners principles for institutional investment decision-making: review of progress (Myners, P.)

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2001. Understanding your audience (In: Hildyard, N., & Mansley, M. The Campaigner’s Guide to Financial Markets. pp 77-118) (Mansley, M.)

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2001. Institutional Investment in the United Kingdom: A Review (Myners, P.)