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How to Join

To be considered for UKSIF membership or affiliation, please complete one of the application forms below.

Organisations that would like to subscribe to UKSIF’s objectives and principles can apply for membership. Members may participate in UKSIF governance and use the UKSIF logo. Organisations that do not wish to make the same commitment can apply for affiliate status. Affiliate fees are equal to membership fees with the exception of institutional asset owners, who can join as affiliates for free and have a separate form below.

  • UKSIF Membership form
    Membership fees are based on the category and size of your organisation.  See  our membership fee structure. Organisations seeking affiliate status (excl. institutional asset owners, who have a separate affiliate form below) should fill out this form too.

  • Institutional Asset Owner Affiliate form
    Affiliate status of UKSIF is open free of charge to significant charitable and pension fund asset owners (and related bodies) that do not sell products or services, or manage their own funds i.e their main interest in sustainable and responsible finance is as an asset owner that does not want to formally participate in UKSIF governance as a member.

All UKSIF membership and affiliation applications must be approved by the UKSIF Board. If you would like to speak to someone about membership or affiliation, please send us an email at membership@uksif.org or call us on 020 7749 9950.