Neera Shah
Neera Shah20th July 2021

A great opportunity to work on what is arguably one of the most critical aspects of climate action: ensuring sufficient financial flows to support systems transformation towards a net zero, resilient future. Working within the finance
team of the high level Climate Champions Team, the successful candidate will engage with partners across the finance sector, governments, industry leaders and not-for-profit agencies.

It is a full time contract position for 12 months, with potential for extension. The location is flexible and the day rate is £225 – £300 depending on experience and the cost base in the geographic location of the post holder.

To prepare for COP26 we need the strategic coordinator in post as soon as possible.

We therefore welcome applications from candidates who are able to start immediately. The post is open to independent contractors and job seekers, as well as employees who can secure a 1-year secondment agreement with their employer.
Please send a resume and cover letter to amandamanuel@climatechampions.team

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with virtual interviews starting 26 July.



As the two serving High Level Climate Action Champions, Gonzalo Munoz and Nigel Topping are responsible for mobilising stronger and more ambitious climate action amongst non-state actors. We have a mandate both from the UK and Chilean Presidencies (as part of COP25 and COP26) and the UNFCCC through the Marrakesh Partnership.

COP26 is a key moment for the Paris Agreement. To deliver on our ambition, we have established a team of 100 global experts (65 FTE). The Climate Champions focus on delivering six key objectives:

● Deliver a 10x increase in net-zero commitments from non-state actors and
strengthen resilience for people and communities most vulnerable to climate
● Deliver breakthrough momentum for industrial systems transformation in 10
● Support diplomatic efforts through non-state actor channels
● Enhance engagement and agency across NSA groups
● Win the narrative battle on action and progress, and
● Refresh the Marrakech Partnership to drive a decade of climate action

Thematic workstreams are set up to focus on systems transformation in core sectors where concerted action can make the greatest impact on climate change. Alongside this, we are working on a series of cross-cutting special programmes, stakeholder engagement and strategic communication campaigns.


The HLC Finance team is composed of 8 partially-seconded staff. It is co-led by Sagarika Chatterjee (from UNPRI) and Sue Reid (with Global Optimism). The principal areas of focus are:

Climate Champions
● driving ambition and alignment of all segments of the financial sector with net
zero emissions by the 2040s, including via net zero alliances for asset owners,
asset managers, commercial banks, insurers and others;
● catalysing deployment of finance needed to propel sectoral decarbonization at
requisite pace and scale;
● scaling finance for resilience, with a particular focus on urban resilience; and
● scaling finance in developing countries and emerging markets.

This is a full-time role within the Finance Team, working closely with the Finance Team
as well as partners across the finance sector, governments, industry leaders and
not-for-profit agencies. This is a new and crucial function, with the opportunity to make
a tangible difference in the run up to COP26 and beyond, ensuring financial viability of
systems transformation towards a net zero, resilient future.

● Setting up and helping structure regular team meetings;
● Tracking action items and enabling follow-through;
● Working with the team as well as external analysts to track progress and impact
toward aligning the finance sector with net zero emissions by the 2040s and
financing the transition;
● Fielding and channelling inquiries from financial institutions and service providers
interested in joining the Race to Zero;
● Coordinating outreach to key stakeholders, including finance sector experts and
● Implementing mobilisation tactics in the run-up to COP26, in close coordination
with the Finance Team leads;
● Supporting the Finance Team with regard to organizing major events, including
but not limited to finance events at COP26.

Climate Champions
The successful candidate will have 5+ years of experience, ideally gained in a
programme-based environment. You will be a highly motivated self-starter, happy
working across different time zones in a fast-paced environment. You are able to
exercise sound judgment as to when to seek advice with regard to engaging finance
sector stakeholders. The following requirements are essential:
● Strong critical thinking and analytical skills, and attention to detail
● Excellent process and project management skills, with ability to juggle multiple
priorities and deadlines
● Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written
● Collaborative and collegial working style, and a strong team player, with strong
interpersonal skills and diplomacy
● Ability to manage through ambiguity and change
● Determination to support climate action
● Experience with financial markets and related concepts and lingo preferred, and
● A commitment to our core values (below)

1. Unite behind the science: we commit to make the changes scientists tell us are needed.
2. Build upon the incredible work to date: we will cross-fertilize and amplify the work of the many heroes who have already committed so much to addressing climate change.
3. Take into account different ideas and perspectives: we’re willing to be challenged and to challenge, we look for the best in people and the best, most sound and most credible ideas, wherever they come from.
4. Practice stubborn optimism: we recognize the scale of the problem, combined with an absolute determination to build our way out.
5. Seek progress not perfection: all of us can be criticized and many of those best able Climate Champions
to advance this issue are currently the biggest causes of it. We can’t allow cynical
greenwashing, but all who are serious about tackling climate change positively will
be welcomed.
6. Be humble and generous: we keep our egos in check and work together for the good of the whole

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