Good News for Sustainable Finance: Good Money Week Launches New Website in Final Step of Major Rebrand

UKSIF1st September 2014

Good Money Week, previously known as National Ethical Investment Week, today launches a brand new website featuring news, events and ways to get involved in the campaign to raise awareness of and build the market for sustainable, responsible and ethical investment and finance.

This is the final step in a major rebrand to make the Week relevant to a wider, more mainstream audience.

Good Money Week’s mission is to support the growth of the UK sustainable finance market and ensure everyone who utilises a financial product or service – from current accounts to investment portfolios – understands the influence of their financial decisions and the importance of engaging with their money and how it is being used.

Simon Howard, Chief Executive of UKSIF, said:

“The change to Good Money Week is a reflection of how sustainable investment and finance has evolved and grown since 2008. There are now an enormous number of ways for individuals to engage with their money and ensure their financial decisions can have a positive impact on the world.

Responsible investment has in the past mistakenly been perceived as a niche area. The recognition by financial experts of the risk to value stemming from factors such as climate change or unpopular tax structures, combined with growth in areas such as community funding for renewables and crowd funding, show why this is the right time to get people thinking about their finances in a broader way.

We will be adding more to the website over the coming months so sign up and keep an eye out for all the ways to get involved!’’ 

Read the full press release here.