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  • COVID-19 & Sustainable Finance

    25 March 2020


    COVID-19 & Sustainable Finance

    2pm, Thursday 26 March 2020 (webinar)

    This is an UKSIF member only event.

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    We are passing through dramatic times. The good news is that, as always, people in the sector are pulling together and sharing experiences to help. We know UKSIF members are in the financial frontline as providers of capital, data and other services, and as advisers to the end clients- our fellow citizens.

    We will host a conversation on the pandemic and its effect on the sustainable financial sector before giving a short update on how it will affect UKSIF activity.

    We want to hear your thoughts on the situation and on questions like these: what issues will it cause for practitioners now and in the long term? Are there opportunities? And what are people doing now?

    Our initial thoughts on the crisis

    “This is the first crisis when responsible investment has been hard-wired into the financial system, and we need to make sure this is the first time our issues are central to the response. The sector is very well positioned to achieve this, sustainability is now integrated into the strategies and activities of leading financial services firms and our issues are supported by the public in increasing numbers. Those in power were recognising that we needed to be listened to in the good times, we must now insist we are heard in the bad. There has been a lot of talk about green infrastructure and the new economy; about fairness and the need for a just transition. Now, with change forced on us, is the time to make sure we play our part in delivering. By doing that we help our society, the planet and our members’ ability to serve both.”

    - Simon Howard

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