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DescriptionUrgentem is the award-winning, independent provider of transparent carbon emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry. Our mission is to empower the financial sector to play a leadership role in the transition to a sustainable low carbon economy by providing climate risk data, analytical tools, investment services and products that are science aligned, transparent and collaborative. Further to this, it is to act as an advocate for responsible investment and to promote a sustainable model for society.ApproachWe create more climate awareness amongst investors of climate-friendly assets through the provision of data, rankings, analytics and advisory. Using our data and analytics are clients are able to create investable financial products or benchmarks that are specifically designed to mitigate climate-risk, reallocating capital towards the most carbon, resource efficient and sustainable companies. Our investment strategies services enable identification of climate-risk opportunities, allowing greater investment into such companies. We direct interaction with corporates around their reported (or non-reported) emissions thereby improving not only the quality of reporting but also encouraging them to explore direct ways of reduction in emissions compare to their peer group. We publish rankings that advantage better disclosure and greater carbon efficiency, creating an incentive for companies to improve disclosure and improve efficiency. We adopt a ‘radically responsible’ approach to the provision of data, rankings, analytics and advisory based on methodological transparency and open collaboration with lead authors of the 1.5 IPCC report, climate risk academics and NGOs to ensure that investment decisions based on our products and services are aligned with the latest climate science and that the trust of the investment community is maintained. We proactively advocate for this approach via our media partners and in conjunction with our collaboration ecosystem.