The Mellor Practice

Unit 1 Park Farm
Chichester Road
West Sussex
BN16 1HD

Contact Person

Jordan Atkinson
Group Operations Manager
DescriptionWe are a group of well-established Independent Financial Advisers who offer a pro-active, professional and friendly service to all our clients. We work with clients to ensure that their finances are appropriately invested in line with their values and concerns. We aim to maximise tax-efficiency and ensure that clients enjoy returns which are in line with expectations and attitude to risk. We have been involved in advising individuals, families and charities on financial strategies in line with their principles for many years and our vision is to become the natural place to go for a knowledgeable, principled adviser. More and more enquirers are concerned about the positive effects their savings and investments can achieve in a whole range of areas and we are pleased to help allay these concerns.ApproachWe have been involved in the area of sustainable/ethically responsible investing for several years now, advising individuals, families and Trustees. We now have several advisers within the Practice who have developed particular expertise and interest in this area and who can help - whether you wish to have just a portion of your savings/investments invested sustainably or would like a Portfolio which is built exclusively on sustainable and ethically responsible assets. We find that enquirers have a mixture of concerns and our aim is to work with you to establish a strategy with which you feel completely comfortable. We will explain the wide variety of options available to concerned investors - negatively screened, positively screened and positive impact funds. We work with them all. We also monitor the Environmental, Social and Governance policies of pension providers and investment houses. In some cases, lip service is paid to these issues and we aim to "dig a little deeper" so that you can have confidence in the companies looking after your money!