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Lee Smythe
Managing Director
DescriptionWe aim to enable our clients to live the life which they desire, without fear of running out of money, or dying with too much. We help our clients to achieve this whilst considering their own impact on the world in which they live, overlaying our skills in retirement and estate planning, with our knowledge of ethical, sustainable, ESG and impact investing. As an independent firm of Chartered Financial Planners, prospective clients looking to invest pensions and other assets in a sustainable manner can contact us with confidence that we place their best interests at the heart of our business.ApproachWe start by establishing our clients requirements. Is it to avoid particular investments? Is it to actively seek out particular investment areas? Do they require a broadly ethical/sustainable portfolio or to focus on specific criteria? We also consider that if you wish to invest in a sustainable manner, this should apply to the whole portfolio, rather than just including the odd sustainable option here and there. As we are independent, we can draw on a wide range of investments in order to construct an appropriate portfolio which has the potential to achieve a client's planning objectives, whilst also fulfilling their requirements from a sustainability perspective.