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Rebecca Kowalski
Sustainable Finance Advocate
DescriptionOverstory Finance was founded to encourage IFAs to deliver high quality sustainable investment advice by removing barriers that might stand in their way. This involves helping with individual needs, such as tailored investment propositions, process building, customer communications and staff training. Services also cover industry level support of sustainable investment, collaborating with a number of industry bodies on adviser education, accreditation and thought leadership.ApproachOverstory believes that advisers need to find confidence and a degree of comfort in giving advice on themes and challenges that may seem alien to them. To deliver this, an adaptable and inclusive approach is required, highlighting risks and opportunities, incentivising effort and good performance but also calling out poor behaviours such as greenwash or denial. We believe that a degree of system change is desirable to align financial advice with a sustainable future, from how we portray our value to clients to how we present the full possibilities of sustainable finance to them. We believe that the finance industry has power and privilege and should play a suitably significant role in a just transition. We need to offer young people a route to change, other than gluing themselves to oil tankers.