31 January – 1 February 2023: ESG: Explore, Strategise & Grow Conference

Ellie Freeden
Ellie Freeden17th October 2022

ESG: Explore, strategise and grow 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2023

Our ESG conference, co-hosted by Real Deals and The Drawdown will bring together leading fund managers, institutional investors and expert advisors to provide an in-depth exploration of the latest trends in ESG.

As ESG continues to move up the agenda, private equity firms and their portfolio companies must learn to navigate an increasingly complex path to demonstrate their ESG credentials.

This year’s agenda will cover all the key themes for 2023 including the latest updates on regulatory changes, the challenges of ensuring data integrity and consistency of reporting, the importance of DEI within both GPs and their portfolio companies and the role of ESG throughout the whole deal cycle – from valuation through to exit.
Join us in London on 31 January & 1 February for two days packed with discussion and debate.

Topics will include
•Macro environment: how have rising global geopolitical tensions impacted ESG investment strategies
•Getting started with ESG: how do you arrive at the right ESG measures for an ever-evolving market?
•Integrating ESG into every level of organisational strategy
•Regulation, disclosure and reporting: how can ESG be measured in a way that keeps all parties happy?
•How have SFDR and other regulatory initiatives re-shaped the fund landscape?
•Preserving biodiversity: what does it mean for investors and asset managers?
•Sustainability, governance and impact: what is the difference?
•Best strategies for decarbonising your portfolio companies

Why attend
•Network with like-minded professionals
•Connect with the leading experts in ESG and benchmark your strategies with your peers
•Gain actionable insights from private equity firms at the forefront of ESG adoption and implementation
•Learn invaluable knowledge on the latest trends in ESG from global experts

Who attends
The Real Deals & The Drawdown’s ESG: Explore, Strategise & Grow Conference builds on Real Deals’ 20 years of experience in the European private equity market. The event provides an exclusive platform for fund managers, investors and expert solution providers to tackle one of the most rapidly evolving and topical issues facing the industry.
The conference attracts over 100 private equity professionals and industry experts who join us to hear from over 25 influential industry leading experts, and to interact in-person with thought leaders from across the PE community. Attendees hear how to stay ahead of the ESG curve by learning about current trends and insights, and keeping up to date with technology and requirements by accessing invaluable content and experts.

Register here.

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