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Impact Investing

UKSIF champions the development of impact investment as part of the spectrum of sustainable and responsible investment.

Impact investments are most widely defined as those which generate social and/or environmental good and a range of returns to the investor, from principal to above market.

In the UK, the terms impact investment, social investment and social impact investment tend to be used interchangeably.

Highlights of UKSIF’s work:

The Future of Investment: Impact Investing

UKSIF’s August 2013 report “The Future of Investment: Impact Investing” brings together insights from leading UK impact investment specialists drawn from UKSIF’s membership, and highlights the rise and opportunities in Impact Investing.

National Ethical Investment Week’s Action Guides

NEIW Action Guides for Charities, Churches and Financial Advisers provide information on impact investment:

Action Guide for Charities
Action Guide for Churches
Action Guide for Financial Advisers

Start Here:

The City of London Corporation’s handbook on social investment (September 2012)
The City of London has published a brief guide to social investment in the UK

The Cabinet Office’s website outlines the Government’s vision for social investment in the UK, including downloadable reports.

Big Society Capital is an independent financial institution tasked with growing the UK’s social investment market.

The First Billion: A Forecast of Social Investment Demand (September 2012)
Boston Consulting Group and Big Society Capital published a report looking at the state of the social investment market in the UK and forecasting the market to grow to £1bn of done deals by 2016.

Financial Planners as Catalysts for Social Investment (June 2012)
Nesta’s report, in collaboration with Worthstone, highlights the need for a strong social investment supply chain.

Investor Perspectives on Social Enterprise Financing (July 2011)
This report by ClearlySo studies the appetite for social investing in the City of London’s financial community

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a non-profit dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

Additional resources:

Understanding the demand for and supply of Social Finance (April 2011)
This report by Nesta examines the potential sources of capital for social finance intermediaries (SFIs) and the mix of financing the Big Society Bank will need to support.

The Good Analyst: Impact Measurement and Analysis in the Social-Purpose Universe (February 2012)
This report by Investing For Good presents the company’s methodology for good impact investment analysis.

Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class (November 2010)
This JPMorgan report, in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, examines the emerging investment opportunities within the impact investment industry.

Investment Readiness in the UK (July 2012)
This report by ClearlySo and New Philanthropy Capital examines the social investment market in the UK

New economics for impact investing (June 2012)
This report by nef consulting, in partnership with Business in the Community, pushes the case for impact investing to become a mainstream form of capital allocation in society.

A Portfolio Approach to Impact Investment (October 2012)
This JPMorgan study examines a portfolio tool’s ability to measure impact investment success as determined by impact, return and risk.

The Power of Advice in the UK Sustainable and Impact Investment Market (June 2012)
Bridges Ventures published a report summarising the results of over 90 interviews with financial advisers on the subject of sustainable and impact investing.

To find out about the types of finance available to social enterprises in the UK, please visit Social Enterprise UK’s website.

For information on how capital markets look set to become a major finance stream for social enterprises, please see the Social Stock Exchange’s website.

Ethex is an online market and meeting place for ethical investors that provides a detailed profile of a number of social businesses