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Our Values

  • We regard members as our primary stakeholders, but we also recognise a wider responsibility to society - in the UK and internationally – and to the environment today and into the future.

  • We believe in and seek to stimulate and encourage the provision of a healthy market in responsible finance products. This includes encouraging a sufficient range of products to address diversification and differing values and financial requirements, and taking a lead in encouraging innovative new approaches to achieving social and environmental impact and supporting the identification and removal of market failures.

  • We support transparency, effective governance and management processes, principles-based regulation and ‘treating customers fairly’. These should be achieved by voluntary action rather than compulsion where possible.

  • We believe that, so long as accurate information is available, it is the role of customers and market to select preferred responsible finance strategies. UKSIF does not endorse specific strategies in preference to others (e.g. screening vs engagement).

  • We are willing to endorse or approve good practice standards in transparency, governance, management processes and similar. We focus on the positive  - we will “name and fame” but not “name and shame”.