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Our Strategy

UKSIF exists to channel the support of its members to achieve its mission. Our strategy outlines how we will focus and apply that support.

Our one-page strategy summary can be viewed here.

At the highest level our strategy is to:

  • Support and advance the UK finance sector as a world leader in sustainable development through financial services; and

  • Assist our members to achieve their objectives in delivering and supporting effective sustainable and responsible financial services.

Our work needs to support these aims.

Three main areas of focus:

  • Work to grow the market for sustainable and responsible investment by increasing understanding, acceptance and demand

  • Act as a voice for the sustainable and responsible finance industry in the UK to inform and influence stakeholders such as asset owners, politicians and regulators

  • Provide networking and member support that enables individuals and businesses to develop and grow. We will actively co-operate with other sector organisations to maximise the sector’s collective strength.

Planned activity

Our focus will vary over time as needs and opportunities arise. For instance, in 2015 the General Election and inter-governmental initiatives such as COP 21 warrant attention. Our current plans for day-to-day activity in 2014/5 which include our campaigns Good Money Week and Ownership Day are outlined in this summary of the strategy:

UKSIF Strategy One-Pager

Recent and ongoing activity

Our recent work includes:

  • Championing long-term responsible ownership and investment to public policy-makers and industry opinion formers
    We contributed to the Law Commission review of Fiduciary Duty and took a delegation of members to meet the Commission to discuss points of detail on stewardship. We will meet the FCA and the Pensions Regulator to discuss how those bodies may take Law Commission recommendations forward.

  • Assisting our members to develop their practices
    We delivered our analyst seminar programme to catalyse debate on emerging environmental, social and governance issues and assist our members to develop their practices. Topics included fracking, tax responsibility and sustainable investing in China. Other activities include the annual Extel SRI & Sustainability Survey, the UKSIF Annual Lecture (insert link) and our support for the City of London’s Sustainable City Awards.

  • Networking for impact
    UKSIF was a founder member of the European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif) and the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, an increasingly strong global network of regional and national sustainable investment membership organisations. We expect to work with these bodies on the inter-governmental initiatives which will reach conclusion in 2015.

  • Good Money Week
    Good Money Week (formerly called National Ethical Investment Week) is a campaign to ensure that everyone knows that they have sustainable and ethical options for their finance and investment decisions. The Week brings together individuals, advisers, charities, financial organisations, faith groups and NGOs to spread the word about sustainable and ethical investing.

  • Ethical Investment Association and the Transparency Code
    The Ethical Investment Association (EIA) is UKSIF’s financial adviser chapter. Members commit to support increased access to advice on green and ethical investments and to improve their own expertise. We support the EIA in holding regular training conferences and providing networking and marketing support. UKSIF and the EIA champion the European SRI Transparency Code which encourages product providers to demonstrate their commitment to transparency on green and ethical issues.

  • Support for Pension Funds and Charity Investors
    We support and encourage institutional asset owners to adopt more sustainable and responsible investment strategies by providing practical information, signposting and free affiliation. Each spring we run Ownership Day which raises awareness of the financial benefits of active ownership by pension funds.