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  • Are you YEM? – Good with Money

    27 February 2017


    “It’s #Fairtradefortnight and there’s a group of people for whom it’s Fairtrade Fortnight every fortnight – the YEMS.

    As acronyms go, it’s hardly the catchiest, but it’s nice to know this group – the “Young Ethically Minded Shoppers” exists and are making their presence felt.

    Specialist online retailer EthicalSuperstore.com has experienced significant growth over the past three years, which it puts down to a growing number of young female shoppers who make their purchasing decisions based on moral grounds.

    Research by EthicalSuperstore.com has shown that around 90% of ethical shoppers are female and a growing number are in their twenties and thirties.

    …63% of people surveyed by UKSIF back a label to identify ethical or sustainable financial products.”

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