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  • New code of practice to provide huge boost for responsible investment

    28 July 2016

    The Pensions Regulator has introduced a new code of practice and ‘how to’ guides for trustees of defined-contribution schemes.

    -           The ‘how to’ guide for investment governance reflects the thinking of the Law Commission report into fiduciary duties published in 2014

    -           It clarifies that all factors which are financially material to the performance of an investment, including environmental, social and governance factors, should be taken into account.

    -           This helps to address the long-held misperception that trustees’ fiduciary duties prevented them from considering ESG factors and is a boost to responsible investment.

    -           UKSIF has worked with members, pension funds and The Pensions Regulator on this project over the past year and is pleased to have been able to positively impact their work through the incorporation of responsible investment provisions in the ‘how to’ guide.

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