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  • Open consultations on changes to Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and Solar PV support

    We would like to highlight two Government consultations that are currently open, on changes to Feed-in Tariff (FiT) accreditation and financial support for Solar PV.

    On the 21st July the Government announced a summer consultation on changes to Feed-in Tariff (FiT) accreditation. The stated purpose of the consultation is to propose action to limit the risk to bill payers of a deployment surge under the FiT through the removal of preliminary accreditation. This pre-accreditation is intended to provide confidence for investors in renewable projects by providing a tariff guarantee for a limited time. The consultation will last for four weeks and will close on the 19th August.
    DECC also published a separate consultation on changes to financial support for solar PV. It suggests action to control the costs of new solar PV projects of 5MW and below accrediting under the Renewables Obligation (RO). This means the early closure of RO – the main support mechanism for renewable electricity projects – to new solar PV projects from April 2016. The deadline for responses to the solar PV consultation is the 2nd September.
    For both consultations, the Government is seeking broad input from both industry and consumers. Submissions from investors will be particularly well-received and UKSIF will be responding in due course.

    Have your say

    We want to ensure you are aware of the above consultations so you can understand if and how these changes could affect you and your organisation. Last year two other consultations on changes to FiT and solar attracted relatively few responses. The current consultations were announced following the start of the summer recess and will close before there is time for Parliamentary scrutiny which means it is vital for interested parties to put forward their views.

    UKSIF is looking for input from members in its response, so please send any comments or suggestions to fergus.moffatt@uksif.org before the 14th August.

    Alternatively, you can submit your own response directly to the team at the Department of Energy and Climate Change for the consultation on FiTs and the consultation on solar PV.

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