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  • ESG Disclosure: Investors’ New Obsession – Triple Pundit

    2 April 2015

    By Marta Maretich

    Here’s a riddle: Investors are demanding them. The global business community is boosting them. Companies large and small are trying to figure out how to produce them. What are they?

    You guessed it: Extra-financial performance results — the environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics that demonstrate that a company is acting responsibly as it conducts its business. In a major shift in global attitudes toward sustainability and a more responsible role for business in society, this fast-growing area is now a major focus for businesses and investors alike….

    Global investors are banding together around ESG, joining groups like the Global Sustainable Investor’s (GSI) Alliance. The Alliance supports progress in sustainable investing by identifying trends and acting as a network for national groups. It has attracted important national members including Europe’s Eurosif, British UKSIF, American US SIF, Canadian RIA and the Asian region ASrIA…

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